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Paris, Florence & Rome…

…and you’ll be joining us for the trip, well almost.

We’re sending our Special European Correspondent, Angela Behrends, over the pond for the next 11 days to show us the best of Europe, and with the best arts council logo in the states.

Be sure to follow Angela’s photographic journey, and when she comes back stateside, we’ll have a special presentation at our White Night festival, showcasing all of her photographic work. Until then, enjoy the trip, and let’s watch where those boxes go!

Name that Madison Native 2…

Today we feature a noted stuntman and pioneer in his field from Lake County…

Ready, Pencils down….

Cliff Lyons

Name that Madison Native…

Our newest shameless feature fresh off the genealogy desk…

‘Name that Madison Native’

Ready, Pencils down,

March 5th, 1937 — Amelia Earhart (Putnam), the “First Lady of the Air” and (Madison native) Eugene Vidal, who until recently, was head of the bureau of Air Commerce of the Department of Commerce, were fellow travelers on the American Airlines plane which arrived in Los Angeles on March 3, 1937.  Amelia Earhart Putnam is making plans for a world flight. — Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

We have a crush on Jami Lynn…

Singer-songwriter Jami Lynn has made a lot of beautiful noises over the past few years with her sparse yet intimate sound-scape. This tune from Jami came across our ‘You better listen’ desk this afternoon, so we thought we’d share it with all of you. Enjoy!

If you have something you’d like to share, send it to along with Jami’s favorite color and what makes her laugh too.


One Book South Dakota Announced!

From the ‘Bookworm Desk’ comes news from our friends at the South Dakota Humanities Council:

In keeping with our mission of “supporting and promoting the exchange of ideas to foster a thoughtful and engaged society,” each year at the South Dakota Humanities Council we will be highlighting one central theme through our events, programs, and grant-making activities. In 2011, that topic is American Indian Cultures.

The South Dakota Humanities Council is proud to announce the 2011 One Book South Dakota selection. Featured this year will be The Journey of Crazy Horse: A Lakota History by Joseph Marshall III. The history of our state abounds with stories of struggles and perseverance, stories of impassioned individuals facing treacherous winters and impossible odds. Perhaps no person better epitomizes the struggles faced by so many in the early years of our territory than Oglala Lakota leader Crazy Horse. This iconic hero is best known for his prowess on the battlefield, yet a closer look at his life reveals a complex figure made up of much more than the war stories and heroic legends.

The Journey of Crazy Horse: A Lakota History by Joseph Marshall III will serve communities throughout the state as a focal point for our American Indian Cultures programming.  It captures the life and times of one of our state’s most revered men, providing insight into the historical contexts that formed his character, beliefs, and later shaped him into a leader.

One Book South Dakota seeks to encourage regional conversations around a common text.  In doing so, our goal is to provide a bedrock of understanding and civility over cultural issues pertaining to our state and its history.  We hope your organization will take part in hosting one of these statewide discussions.  For a $35 application fee, we will provide reader’s guides and copies of the book for everyone in your discussion group, as well as a scholar to lead the discussion if you would like one.  What’s more, your discussion group can take advantage of our capstone One Book South Dakota lecture.  Joseph Marshall III will be featured at the South Dakota Festival of Books.

From things we know nothing about…

From our newest desk offering, ‘things we know nothing about’, comes news of a Fine Arts Night or something like that anyhow, again, check back with the desk about this, anyhow via Matt Groce,

Check out a night of young artists! Madison High School’s 6th annual Fine Arts night, Monday February 14th at 7 p.m. in the MHS Auditorium–Concert Choir, Wind Ensemble, Show Choir, Oral Interp, Student Artwork, Light show by Zach Zingmark and ice cream after the concert! A free-will offering will benefit the fine arts at MHS.

Alright, we hear you, but not so well, so come on Bulldogs, you gotta share better than this, give us a little something, something.

If you have something to share with us, as we do like the sharing, send an email on over to


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