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Herman Area Arts Council Sinks.

The Herman Area Arts Council was lost earlier this evening.

In a cruel twist of fate, the recently renamed Herman Area Arts Council, and their walleye observation vessel ‘Unexpected Discovery’, sunk to the depths of a murky Lake Herman.

‘We kept our buckets at the ready, and still, it wasn’t enough for the cruel mistress of a sea that Lake Herman is’ said council president and former deckhand, Chris Francis.

In keeping with Madison tradition, it is believed that the organization will return to The BrickHouse later this evening, and return to their former name, the Madison Area Arts Council as well.

And yes, April Fools!

Herman Area Arts Council Announced

Madison Area Arts Council changes name and community overnight.

In a surprise move, the Madison Area Arts Council moved their organizational headquarters from downtown Madison earlier this morning to the shores of Lake Herman, some 2 miles outside of Madison. South Dakota’s oldest arts council will now be known as the Herman Area Arts Council, which is short for HAAC, pronounced hak.

Arts council President Chris Francis stated in an unpublished press release that ‘We’re pleased to announce that after 47 years as a non-profit organization based in Madison, we can now call Herman home.’


Lake Herman is now home to the new Herman Area Arts Council


Francis continued, ‘We felt this was a great way to honor the history of our community and neighbors in Herman, as Madison once stole the county records and safe in a similar late-night move and thus gained the county seat in 1880 through intimidation and threats of their neighbors.’

For the past 2 years, the arts council called The BrickHouse Community Arts Center home, which was located n SE 2nd St, a rather rough, uncomfortable, and often disputed location for several street festivals.

The organization will now be housed in an abandoned sailboat, which will be anchored just off the shore of Lake Herman. ‘It was most unexpected, it almost seemed too perfect, like it was contrived or something, and when it leaked, and started to sink, we knew we had found a home’ Francis stated.

For the next several months, the new Herman Area Arts Council will begin to focus on two new organizational goals, establishing the best live bait for walleye, and continuing to bail water from all the holes in the hull.

‘Will our mission change? Sure. But our advocacy for the arts, and our new home in Herman will only continue to grow, along with the green algae population in Lake Herman too.’ Francis stated.

Donations for boat repairs and walleye live bait advocacy can be made at the shoreline.


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