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Garden & Art Walk reviewed…

Well, three of us plein-air believers made the trip, and took the sights of a few gardens on Lake Madison on the first-ever Garden & Art Walk, sponsored by the American Red Cross and some arts council.

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Thanks to Brian & Scott Walther for taking part!

Garden & Art Walk planned at Lake Madison…

The Great Plains Chapter of the American Red Cross and the Madison Area Arts Council have partnered together to create an unique event, a Garden & Art Walk, featuring 5 spectacular gardens on the shores of Lake Madison, with local & regional artists placed at each home.

Artists of all kinds, including plein air painters, sculptors, poets, musicians, and more will be grouped together at each home, showcasing their original work through demonstrations, performances, and installations within the gardens. The work of the artists will be available to purchase as well, making this a great opportunity to meet, and yes, collect the area’s best original work.

Tickets for the event can be purchased through the Great Plains Chapter of the American Red Cross, and will go to solely support their continued efforts. Tickets cost $10 each. Participating artists are not required to purchase a ticket, and there are no commissions or fees to participate for the artists.

Interested artists are encouraged to contact the Madison Area Arts Council, prior to June 1st, to be included in this event. Email for more.

Garden & Art Walk partnership announced…

We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with the Great Plains Chapter of the American Red Cross for a special Garden & Art Walk on Saturday, June 25th. We’re looking for plein-air artists, sculptors, writers, poets, and musicians to place their work (and themselves) in these stand-out gardens, and for a fantastic cause too!

We’d love to see painters working, musicians playing, poets reading, writers writing, along with sculptures and artwork on display in each of the gardens.

There will be 6 Madison area gardens featured on the tour, and we’d like to have 6 diverse groups of artists (all kinds) to place at each garden. It’s just a great opportunity to connect and reach out with our community, and perhaps best of all for our participating artists, all sales are through each artist, with no commissions and no fees.

Interested artists must let us know they’d like to participate in this opportunity, so we can get organized! Please email, let us know the following: Your name, address, email, a little bit about you and what it is you do, and a few jpeg images or links. Easy, huh?

Garden & Art Walk

Saturday, June 25th, 8am-1pm

Great Plains Chapter of the American Red Cross and the Madison Area Arts Council

Ticket proceeds to benefit the Great Plains Chapter of the American Red Cross


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