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3rd Place Nights return to The BrickHouse this January…

Wednesday, January 16th, 2012 

Come on down to The BrickHouse for the return of  3rd Place Nights, where we’ll work together, creating, drawing, painting, writing, knitting, whatever it is that makes you unique. We’ll provide the drinks, you provide the creative spirit.

Third Place Nights takes to Memorial Park…

Join your local community of working artists and creative spirits, as we gather to work together in the beauty of Memorial Park, here in Madison. Everyone is welcomed, and bring what you need to be creative, from sketchbooks to i-pads, everything has a purpose.

Third Place Nights @ Memorial Park

Wednesday, August 17th, 6-8pm


3rd Place Nights returns…

Our infamous and much-loved 3rd Place Nights returns to the shores of Southeast 2nd Street this Wednesday at The BrickHouse.

Essentially 3rd Place Nights is a great opportunity to work, connect, and share with your local community of artists and friends in a fun and relaxed environment. We recommend bringing along your sketchbooks, laptops, guitars, and typewriters, and come to create something fresh amongst the chatter of the rest of us.

Wednesday, July 20th


The BrickHouse

3rd Place Nights resumes this February…

Just a reminder, 3rd Place Nights, which is usually held the third Wednesday of each month, is out on holiday until February 2011. If you have a suggestion where we should meet next, feel free to comment below, or email

Until then good friends, always keep a full sketchbook, and a sharp pencil too.

MAAC makes art happen in 2010

Emmeline Elliott

The Madison Area Arts Council covered a lot of ground in 2010 with the number of artists, authors and musicians participating in area events. Let’s take a look back at MAAC’s year in review.

Each month MAAC volunteers strive to bring educational and entertaining programs to the community that are free and open to the public. These events are part of the Chautauqua Series program and are aimed at promoting and advocating arts and culture in the Lake County area.

In an effort to continue to produce quality programming for the community, MAAC recently launched its 2011 supporters campaign, Simply Vibrant! Materials to make a contribution can be found in this issue of the Madison Daily Leader.

MAAC started 2010 with a special musical performance by Lauren Pelon. In her presentation “The Living Roots of Music,” Pelon’s instruments and music spanned centuries and came from across the globe. A one-woman show, Pelon impressed the audience by playing more than two dozen different instruments throughout the program.

Music was the focus for many of MAAC’s Chautauqua Series events. The Wentworth youth handbell choir of the St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod, directed by Julie Gehrels, gave a Saturday afternoon performance at the Madison Public Library.

In July and October, MAAC held outdoor street concerts in front of The BrickHouse Community Arts Center. Musical acts that took the stage at the summertime White Night Festival included the Prairie Repertory Theatre, The Airplane Hanger Band, Kickin’ Analog, The Coltcockers and The Michael Hope Band. To start the festival, a Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting was held for MAAC’s new facility. Later, painting and screen-printing demonstrations were given by John Green of Madison and Harlequin Studios of Sioux Falls, respectively.

MAAC celebrated its first year in its new building by throwing The BrickHouse Bash! this fall. The Sewer Rats and Jack Rollins performed outside while the Dirty Laundry art show was exhibited in the gallery.

Before John Green participated in the White Night Festival, the renowned Madison artist generously gave his time earlier in the year for an evening painting demonstration at Dakota State University. Audience members watched Green’s painting techniques as he worked on a riverside scene. Carol White was the lucky attendee who won Green’s original painting that night.

Madison native and author Jon Lauck gave a talk on his book Prairie Republic: The Political Culture of Dakota Territory, 1879-1889. His discussion focused on the shaping of Dakota Territory and the beginning of the state of South Dakota.

MAAC brought in several presentations that were made possible by the South Dakota Humanities Council, an affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities.

South Dakota Poet Laureate David Allan Evans read a number of poems about the Midwest’s people, landscape and weather as part of his program, “Midwestern Themes in Art and Literature.” Stained glass scholar Dr. Barbara Johnson gave a lecture on this art form in South Dakota and spoke on specific stained glass windows in Madison. Robert Kolbe discussed the history of photography in the state from 1840 to 1930 and displayed artifacts from his personal collection, including a photo of John Wilkes Booth. A presentation by Jason McEntee looked at the perception of soldiers in American war films, especially those of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

A new program for MAAC this year is the open studio evening called 3rd Place Nights. On the third Wednesday of every month, the public is welcome to use The BrickHouse as an artistic work space.

Some new faces have joined the arts council this year. Rounding out the executive board are Chris Francis as president, Cassie Edwards as vice president, Emmeline Elliott as secretary and Mary Francis as treasurer.

There’s a lot going on in your local arts community. Check out what’s coming up for next year or learn how to volunteer by visiting

Our week ahead…

3rd Place Nights

Wednesday, 7-9 pm, The BrickHouse

Join us as we ‘bring our love’ with pencils, sketchbooks, and keyboards too, for our monthly creative and social get-together. Everyone is welcome, and as always, we look forward to seeing new faces.

Chautauqua Series

Featuring Jason McEntee, ‘The Famous, The Infamous, and The Dead – Filming Operation Iraqi Freedom’

Thursday, 6 pm, The Mundt Foundation

South Dakota Humanities Council Speaker, and South Dakota State Professor Jason McEntee, will offer his look at the films of the wars of Afghanistan and Iraq, their impact on society, and their portrayal of these conflicts. This program is free and open to the public, refreshments provided.

Bring your weird, it’s alright with us…

How weird are you?

Well, it’s alright with us, cause we like things a little different anyhow.

Feel free to join us, and bring your ‘weird’ too, for our next Third Place Nights, which is this Wednesday, from 7-9 pm at The BrickHouse. Third Place Nights have become our monthly get-together, whereabouts we can share, work, and otherwise create, all while enjoying the company of others.

So, bring along your sketchbook, maybe your journal, even an older model manual type-writer, it’s all good, because it’s all fun (and sometimes weird too, and that’s alright, it’s almost the accepted norm anyhow)

We’ll see you this Wednesday, and be sure to bring along a much weirder friend too.


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