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What’s a ‘White Night’…


And you thought this was low-rent…

That’s a whole lot of Angels…

We make Twitter look good…

…maybe a bit too good.

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Happy Holidays!

Oh Twitter Tree, Oh Twitter Tree, how lovely are thy branches…Happy Holidays from your favorite local arts council, the Madison Area Arts Council.

Our famed Twitter Tree

Twitter Fun

Twitter Fun

Did you know we’re on Facebook?

We’re on Facebook. And Twitter. But mainly Facebook. Sometimes we’re on ReverbNation. But Facebook, that’s the good stuff. We’ve done the blog thing for a while. You know that. You’re reading the blog right now. Back to this Facebook thing. It’s pretty cool. And yes, we’re just saying that, but honestly, its super cool. Really. We think so, maybe.

Did you know we’re on Facebook?

Goodbye Brian…

The Moons of Facebook and Twitter…


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