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Stop, let’s connect!

A few of you may have noticed some of our new social web 2.0 tools which have recently been added to our blog. Let’s take a moment to feature these resources, and find out a little more about them too.

We’ve been big fans of twitter, as we love this incredible resource because it’s quick, easy, and fun too. Now, we’ve added a new ‘tweet button’, which can be found at the end of each post. Essentially this allows you to share your favorite posts to your twitter followers. Simply click on this ‘tweet button’, and presto, you’ll help us spread the word to our greater community.

Next up, the new ‘like button’, which allows you to say ‘hey, I like this, it’s cool’ or better yet ‘I clicked this so you can see that I clicked this’. Whatever your thinking, this new feature is a another great way to connect, and speak out in the most modest of means possible. Best part of all, if you have a gravatar image, which is a globally recognized avatar, your unique image will appear alongside others who ‘liked’ a post as well.

Ready, set, go, click those buttons, and let’s connect!

New Web 2.0 Improvements Continue…

In an effort to make your best resource and destination for the local Madison arts scene, we’ve changed our web-look, which will allow us a lot of great options, and some much-needed flexibility.

On top, take notice of the new twitter and RSS feed icons, a welcome addition for sure. Also, be sure to note the disappearance of those awful blue boxes, now we have clean lines all around.

Beyond that, we’ve gained a features area, where we can promote a singular category, such as the Chautauqua Series or White Night efforts. We’re also excited about all the new places to add ‘widgets’ we now have at least 6 new spots, look for these over the next few days.

And finally, we gained a drop-down menu, which will be further developed as well, and a little more room up there as well. We’ll be adding a custom graphic-bar and background too, give us a week to get that up, and in the meantime, enjoy the new look!

Side note, all of our featured stories enable us to add a ‘featured image’, we dropped a pic of The BrickHouse to give you a taste.

Working to Avoid Spam…

Our Website has been plagued by spam comments as of late, and like many others, we’ve been had ourselves by this spam content over these past few weeks. We are working harder to ensure that this content remains off of our website in the future, and to keep our readers free from these cyber attacks. Our current spam tools have proven effective for the most part, however, we have seen firsthand the deceiving tricks that spam creators have used to outwit our webtools over these past several weeks.

In order to preserve our comment feature, and to ensure your comment will be seen, we will ask of you to use your full name, no nicknames or shortened versions please, within your comment as well. We will also begin reviewing our internal submission process with the hopes of eliminating this content in the future. We appreciate your patience with us, and our apologies if anyone has been directed to spam content via our website.


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